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About Us

Uptown Community Democrats offers a political home to Northern Manhattan residents, where the ambitions,creativity, dreams, needs, and wants of the community will find expression, develop social cohesion, and translate into action for the greater good. 

The Club's mission is to nurture new leadership for Northern Manhattan, instill ethics and a sense of shared purpose in its members, and promote and support accountable, honest, and transparent political leadership for Northern Manhattan and New York. The Club will be defined by its members and will independently serve their interests, free of the corrosive effects of political patronage and pressure. The Club values civil rights, communication, equality, integrity, human rights, and democratic processes. Toward those ends, the Club's goals are to persuade the youth and the unengaged of the benefits and power of community-minded political organization; to support and run candidates for elected office; to improve the quality of political representation of Northern Manhattan; and to work toward the education, freedom, happiness, health, wealth, and security of the people of Northern Manhattan.